Monday, May 17, 2010






Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy times

Well today me and dave got our database project submitted in time but to be honest we dont think it was great because it was so hard but altogether we got it in on time and got it done BOOM !!!!!

We also done our presentation on P.R for finbarr which we thought went very well considering the amount of work we actually had 48 hours ago BOOM !!!!!

And today i must drive up to Athlone because i have trials for the Irish College's Team, they are not on till friday morning but we are staying overnight in a hotel complimentary of CIT BOOM !!!!!

Exams too BOOM !!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi guys and friends

Today is when we have to start realising that we are actually up the duff for about three modules like seriously we are ! ! ! ! ! ! Aloada baloni which is database, aloada codwallop which is Web Applications and finally aloada Tom Foolery which is Public Realations.

Anyways i had a terrible weekend, worked worked worked and couldnt move because i thought all my bones were going to fall off it was a miserable experience. I also seen a mouse in my house and i threw the dogs toy in to the kitchen and locked the door, he nearly got the little mouse but he got away the jammy dodger. Mouse traps are set and ready to pounce, that is if Sam my dog scared him away and he wishes not to come back ever again.

Feel Free to come to my house any time during the week il welcome you with open arms as im staying on my own, my mother abandoned me for a while.

Just let me know if your coming and il pop the kettle on and make some sambos or hambos( ham sandwiches )


Monday, November 9, 2009

One week Later ! ! !

I dont have a clue what exactly to be saying on blogger dot com, and i just asked mr web applications him self and he said it has to be a couple of paragraphs long so i said i'l give it a go !

Well today is another week and im excited because ive work till eleven YIPEEEE :)

No seriously though signed for CIT today so im no longer a cobh ramblers player i got released from them and im the shit now cause im playing 2nd divison Munster Senior League, and im getting a bursary too.... Boo Yuka ! ! !

Class party tomorrow night too not just an ordinary one its a third year second year and first year BBADMIN class party Boo Yuka ! ! ! Were all gonna have some laugh on our class party BIY !

Eventfullness shall be guaranteed !

Have a free gaf for 2 week as well tomorrow il miss my mam considering shes the Shit ! Im gonna get smashed for those two weeks YIPEE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stupid Assignments

I think there is some baloni lecturers out there and some that dont tell you whats going on, im not saying names or shit but im pissed OFF ! ! ! !

I think lecturers have to get theirs FINGERS out ! ! !

We got some amount of stuff to do so lads, lads lets put the big boulder heads down and get some mother fuckin work done.




Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is the day our Law thingymajiggyee assignment to be handed up and i just completed it there. I am very proud of myself and i am also very proud of myself because i didnt go out once this weekend and it was a long weekend, hey man what the fuck MAN ! Im going to make up for it on Thursday and Saturday night. Theres a super dooper deal on in Tesco too, a 7ooml bottle of Smirnoff yes Smirnoff Vodka for a staggering 15euros,HEY man What the Fuck MAN !

Halloween has also arrived and i cant wait to batter the old folks home around the corner from me with eggs and park my car on the disabled spot.

I lie i will never do that !

Monday, October 19, 2009


Didnt have a match this weekend at all ! Have one tomorrow night with the college team against UCC should be an interesting match considering we were wiped by UL last week. My knee is up the duff but il be ok anyway hopefully that is. Ireland got France as well which will also be another interesting tie, bring back Andy Reid i reckon !